Our core expertise is in the field of education. From setting up and managing education infrastructures to creating e-learning products, we have built a portfolio of assets and products, providing the best education to everyone.

We provide customised curriculum and non-curriculum content in audio-visual format that helps students learn better, easier and faster than conventional methodology.

Whether you are an institution operating on your own or as a chain of institutions, we have customised software products and services that can help you teach better, implement connected classrooms, incorporate ERP solutions, conduct paperless examinations and assessments and provide various student support services.


Our printing company is a leader in providing print solutions with a track record of over 3 decades serving the needs of various organizations. We have helped more than 600 clients to successfully address their printing requirements, adding tremendous value to their growth trajectory. We have extensive experience in the field of offset printing, UV wide format printing, short run digital printing, post press production and HP latex and UV Printing. We also offer exceptional print solutions supporting every printing need of a business including brochures, catalogues, leaflets, sunboard, vinyl, canvas , clear film, wallpaper , acrylic, fabric, veneer, etc.

Software and Mobile Applications

Our ISO certified technology partner is one of the best software and mobile application developers in India. With over 2 decades of experience in delivering excellence through a strong team of over 1500 professionals, they have provided specialised solutions for clients across different industries and segments.

From Mobile Application Development to Cloud Computing, from Data Analytics to Software Consulting, they provide different types of products, services and solutions that support the requirements of companies operating in multiple sectors including Banking and Finance, E-Commerce & Retail, Education & E-Learning, Government & Semi-Government, Healthcare, Insurance, IT Consulting, Media & Entertainment, Manufacturing, etc.

Water Reservoir and Storage System Technology

Hankooksuan co. is a Seoul based company specializing in creating ground water reservoir and storage systems. They specialise in installation of stormwater harvesting systems and rainwater harvesting systems. The stormwater harvesting systems mitigate inundation damage caused by localized torrential downpour with temporal retention and infiltration of stormwater. The rainwater harvesting systems allow local residents to use rainwater easily to prepare for droughts and emergency situations. The storage tanks manufactured by Hankooksuan co. are equipped with special inspection path to conduct maintenance, repair, and operations after installation and are made with resinification concrete to endure vertical pressure. Hankooksuan’s technology is one of the best in the world in providing eco-friendly products with nonpoint pollution processing.

Unique Features

Here are a few key areas which make us different

Domain Expertise

We've got domain experts to handle specific solutions, ensure top notch quality and a robust outcome

Emerging Technologies

Our team works on the most emerging technologies to have the best and most efficient solutions

Global Presence

We have our offices and partners across the globe, ensuring round the clock operations and support

Customer Centric Approach

We don’t force fit a technology to fix a problem, we believe in finding customized solution for you, whatever technology it takes

Solution Optimization

Our unique approach, latest technology tools and specific industry expertise delivers best in class quality with remarkable speed, thereby providing the most optimized solution

Endless Possibilities

We provide our customers complete control on each & every aspect of the solution that provides them with endless customization possibilities